Package JSci.instruments

Interface Summary
Control An object that privides Components that control or show something about it
Dimensions An object that has a Dimension
ImageFilter An object that filters frames
ImageSink An object that reads frames
ImageSource An object that delivers frames (typically, a framegrabber)
Overlay This class defines an object that can be put on an image
ParticleTracker An interface for objects that can look for the position of some objects in an image, and measure their coordinates
ParticleTrackerListener Interface for an object that is interested to receive the coordinates measured by a ParticleTracker.
PositionControl Describes a mechanical device that can control the position of something
ROI A Region Of Interest, that is a region delimited by a polygon, that can be moved with the mouse.

Class Summary
DummyPositionControl A simple PositionControl that does nothing!
Image Describes a frame, that holds the informations to access an image
ImageFilterAdapter An object that filters frames.
Player An object that creates an animated image from a ImageSource.
PositionControlAdapter A mechanical device that can control the position of something.
PTCroquette an Effect that does the particle tracking in 3D, for symmetric images
PTCroquetteCross Data about a cross that can be put on an image, follow the center, find the height
PTTemplate Find a given template in a two dimensional image.
PTTemplateCross Locating a template in the image
PTTwoDBarycentre Find a bead in two dimensions; Barycentre algorithm
RectangularROI A rectangular Region Of Interest
ROIAdapter A Region Of Interest class adapter
TestImageSource An object that delivers sample frames
TwoROI A ROI made by two rectangular regions, one inside the other (two levels of interest)