Class ChebychevBasis

  extended byJSci.maths.polynomials.RealLagrangeBasis
      extended byJSci.maths.polynomials.ChebychevBasis
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ChebychevBasis
extends RealLagrangeBasis
implements PolynomialBasis

The famous Chebychev basis for interpolating polynomials with minimal variation

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class JSci.maths.polynomials.RealLagrangeBasis
_dim, _samplingsX
Constructor Summary
ChebychevBasis(int dim)
          Creates a new instance of ChebychevBase for a given dimension
Methods inherited from class JSci.maths.polynomials.RealLagrangeBasis
buildBasis, dimension, getBasisVector, getSamplingPoints, superposition, superposition
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Methods inherited from interface JSci.maths.polynomials.PolynomialBasis
dimension, getBasisVector, getSamplingPoints, superposition

Constructor Detail


public ChebychevBasis(int dim)
Creates a new instance of ChebychevBase for a given dimension

dim - dimension