Package JSci.maths

Interface Summary
ComplexMapping This interface defines a complex map or function.
Mapping This interface defines a map or function.
MappingND This interface defines a map between N-dimensional spaces.
MathSet This interface defines a set.
Member This interface defines a member of a set.
NumericalConstants A collection of useful numbers (stored to maximum precision).

Class Summary
AbstractMath The AbstractMath superclass provides an abstract encapsulation of maths.
ArrayMath Arrays are faster than object, so this class is here to take full advantage of arrays without encapsulation.
Complex The Complex class encapsulates complex numbers.
CoordinateMath The coordinate transformation math library.
EngineerMath This class is dedicated to engineering methods applied to arrays including signal processing.
ExtraMath The extra math library.
FiniteSet A set containing a finite number of elements.
FourierMath The Fourier math library.
KarhunenLoeve This class implements the Karhunen-Loeve expansion.
LinearMath The linear math library.
MathDouble The MathDouble class encapsulates double numbers.
MathInteger The MathInteger class encapsulates integer numbers.
NumericalMath The numerical math library.
Quaternion The Quaternion class encapsulates quaternions.
SpecialMath The special function math library.
Supernumber The Supernumber class encapsulates supernumbers.
WaveletMath The wavelet math library.

Exception Summary
DimensionException This exception occurs when there is a problem involving an object's dimensions.
MaximumIterationsExceededException This exception occurs when a numerical algorithm exceeds it maximum number of allowable iterations.